Steve Nick’sWhen Rock Meets Country’ Available on Major Streaming Platforms 

Country and rock artist releases five-track hybrid album 

JANUARY 1, 2018 -  singer and songwriter Steve Nick officially released his latest album, ‘When Rock Meets Country’, in December 2017, and now, the album continues to be a success on major streaming platforms. 

The new album blends modern western and rock together with five new tracks: “Heart to the Bones”, “Pink Panther”, “Loved You First”, “Get to Know You”, and “Dressed to Kill”. 

Steve Nick has written hundreds of emotionally charged songs that have set the tone for his own unique sound. His first album, ‘Unplugged’, debuted in 2015 and has been followed by a string of albums. 

When Rock Meets Country’ is available on Spotify, Amazon, and other major streaming platforms.


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Steve Nick all set to launch a new album

United Stated, 21th December 2017 - Steve Nick, a renowned rock singer and songwriter had officially announced his plans to launch a new music album named "When Rock meets Country" on 25th December 2017.

He stated that his brand-new album would be a blend of songs written and composed by himself and sound like prominent American country singers like Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert.

Steve Nick was born and brought up in Greece in the year 1982. He is an accomplished singer as well as a philanthropist. Steve Nick is popularly known for his vibrant and thumping music. Over the years, he had composed about one hundred songs of various genres blended with western influences. Steve always strived hard to establish a strong bond between his fans and he was fully dedicated in composing excellent music.

Steve Nick is a talented and gifted musician who composes songs of various genres including rock and country. He has got a special ability to smoothen the gap between various genres. Each and every songs composed by Steve Nick are fresh and provides a soothing effect on the listeners or public. It delivers a message along with a sense of warmth and togetherness.

Steve always had a strong faith in creating music which could deliver a message to his discerning fans. He makes sure that he creates lyrics and combines it with his powerful voice to bring out strong emotions, sympathy and enthusiasm.


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Steve Nick collaborates with musicians for new album, ‘Steve and Friends’.
In order to give some popular and hit songs in recent times his own rendition, Steve Nick is set to release his second album, ‘Steve and Friends’ on the 8th of April 2016. This album will also feature musicians from all over the world.
21st March 2016 – His idea of creating music is quite unique. He firmly believes in making music that would mean something to the person listening to it. Not only does he create powerful lyrics that strike a chord with his listeners, he also uses his powerful voice to invoke feelings and emotions in them.
With his philosophy about music in place, Steve Nick is set to release his second album, ‘Steve and Friends’. It is an album that is extremely close to his heart and very personal in nature for several different reasons. In his new and upcoming album, Steve Nick aims at covering 5 of his favorite songs like ‘angels’, ‘zombie’, ‘heaven’, ‘the second you sleep’, and ‘imagine’. These are the songs that are masterpieces of their time.
In his album, ‘Steve and Friends’, Steve Nick aims at taking these classic songs that had the world tapping their foot to and turn them into his own creations by adding his personal touch. With this album, Steve Nick will also collaborate with some extraordinarily talented musicians from all around the world.
With pop and rock being his favorite genres, Steve Nick has carefully chosen the songs to cover with his own unique rendition. He combines these songs with his own unique voice and adds a personalized element to his music that helps him connect with his audiences in a much better manner.
Steve and Friends will release on 8th of April 2016.

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Steve Nick to donate all proceeds from his new album to the children in Africa.

Steve Nick, a singer – songwriter who is known for writing and making music that strikes a chord with people, recently released his brand new album, Unplugged , is set to raise funds from this album and donate these proceeds for the betterment of the lives of children in Africa.
August 20th 2015 – Taking inspiration from everyday events, even if they do seem mundane at first, and making soul – touching music with these little snippets of life is what  Steve Nick is known for. Combining his love for music and his ability to spin everyday events into a meaningful song that manages to strike a chord with human emotion, Steve Nick has just launched his brand new album called Unplugged  and the proceeds from the sale of this album will be given to better the lives of children in Africa.

The genres that most appeal to Steve Nick include Rock and Pop and he uses the fact that his nature is more centred around being a philanthropist to create music that helps other people relate with his music and make them emotional yet upbeat at the very same time. With the experience of having written more than 100 songs in a span of several years since he got interested in music, it is easy to note the modern western influence that his music has. He not only wishes to make better music that people can connect with, he also wants to create a better relationship between an artist and his fans.

The Unplugged album consists of songs like Love Me Again, Somebody That I Used To Know, Umbrella and Rolling In The Deep. Steve Nick firmly believes in the power of charity and holds the opinion that the world can be a better place to live in, if only people would be more charitable. Through this initiative, Steve Nick aims at helping children in Africa who suffer from malnutrition by helping them fight hunger. Therefore, all profits that would be made through the sale of his album, would be donated.

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